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Hyper Shanghai

Shanghai's world, the world in Shanghai.

Shanghai has fun, Shanghai has food, Shanghai has business, Shanghai is international, and Shanghai is HYPER!!! We manage a variety of city-wide online and offline programs to provide communities of all backgrounds with friendly, helpful, and fun experiences in Shanghai.

30m direct consumers

210m proximate population

top-tier global influence

Shanghai is a prime market to sell your brands and products.

Capture the market now

Hyper Van


Hyper Van

Our vans nimbly delivering products and services to every street and neighborhood.

Beauty Van

Fashion Van

Healthy Van

Party Van


Showcasing urban economic vibrancy to consumers at TechG.

FMCG Brand

Entertainment IP

ESG Development

Lifestyle Tech


Celebrating art, food, music, martial style, and everything fun.

International Culture Festival

Arts & Music Festival

Street Fair

Urban Fight Club

Group Groove

Group workouts offered by fitness partners at our venues.

Group HIIT

Group Zumba

Group Yoga

Group Strength

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Open Spaces



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Events x Social

MO is an events platform with a social twist, amassing nearly all events and activities happening in the city.

Science x Ecommerce

TCC is a content and ecommerce platform providing scientifically proven reliable products from sources backed by authorities.

Online Learning


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