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DEIFSESG Initiative

Foundation of the Future



 Social Responsibility 






With the growing challenges of inter-community conflicts, income disparity, population imbalance, and natural disasters, the notions of DEI (Diversity, Education, Inclusion) and ESG (Environment, Social Responsibility, Governance) have evolved from buzz words into discourses deemed by officials, academics, and business leaders worldwide as fundamental to the future of humanity. However, aside from industry conventions, government policies, and PR talking points, the on-the-ground and day-to-day presence of DEI and ESG is severely lacking.

At Diaspora Network, we realize that the problem is trifold – what the notions systematically mean and entail is obscure; guidance for the notions’ localized adoption is missing; and the notions don’t sound “sexy” or “wealthy”. Therefore, we added “Fun” and “Share” into the mix to establish the DEIFSESG Initiative, as we believe that making and sharing quality tools, content, and activities with educational, commercial, and sharable values regarding the notions is essential to tackling the problem.


Tech & Services

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Achieving DEI and ESG is unrealistic without making localized adjustments. A cookie-cutter instruction manual based purely on Americentric or Eurocentric viewpoints may cause more harm than good when the majority of the world’s population must prioritize surviving by any means necessary. Liaising with governments, organizations, academies, and funds dedicated to the same cause internationally, DEIFSESG Initiative strives to provide insights and curate solutions to spread awareness, promote cultures, enhance urban living, support corporate efforts, and contribute to practical sustainable development. 

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