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Diaspora Network is an information platform, service network, and accelerator that fosters collaborative projects through incisive localized approaches. We strive for cross-nation, cross-community, and cross-culture understanding, deference, and flourishment, forming an international interdisciplinary alliance of the culture, arts, creative, education, entertainment, technology, and tourism sectors.

Diaspora Network was established in Asia upon the vision that, in a world where globalization has rooted its grand impact and technology advancements seemingly shorten all distances yet also create schisms, it is imperative to recognize the connectedness of everyone, everything, and every industry, in which the diaspora of people and of culture-forging products sits at the front and center.

We partner with companies, institutions, communities, and local governments to connect international talent, funds, and resources to cultivate content and tech projects that generate social, cultural, and economic values while benefiting local communities, through the following programs:

G+ Accelerator
  • Provides information, services, and consultancy regarding content development, financing, legal, production, co-production, sales, promotion, revenue management, IP expansion, and talent training.

  • Hosts genre content boot camps, markets, and awards in select cities every year.

  • Manages own slate of original titles.

  • Conducts research and provides consultancy regarding the application of “Diversity, Equity, Inclusion” and “Environment, Social Responsibility, Governance”, with the help of the addition of “Fun, Share”.

  • Develops tech solutions for the same.

  • Assists local governments to provide benefits including administrative, funding, tax, location, and operational support to innovation projects.

  • Drives digital solutions tackling defined issues.


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Our teams are based in:

  • Hong Kong

  • Shanghai

  • Los Angeles


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