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Hyper Relic

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Hyper Relic

According to UNESCO, China alone has more than 1.67 million lost relics hosted by 218 museums across 47 countries and up to 10 million relics diasporic outside of China. When considering other formerly colonized nations, the total number of lost relics becomes exponentially bigger. Various governments and individuals have tried to retrieve their nations’ relics taken by others, but mostly to no avail.


Now with new technologies, those that care could retrieve, present, and honor lost relics via methods easier to garner international rapport. Encouraged by China’s resolution in this regard, Zhang Boju Pan Su Culture Development Foundation and Diaspora Network join hands to advance the “Hyper Relic” initiative to provide the world a capable model achieving public service results facilitated by for-profit projects.

Hyper Relic Programs


Curate tangible and digital exhibitions;
Weave history with technology.
Unite national spirits and international efforts;
Recollect the past and envision the future.
Immerse in time, space, art, and culture;
Encounter ancient emotions and modern destinies.

Hyper Relic

Public Service

Through a global institutional alliance, form an international charitable fund committed to retrieving and honoring lost relics; establish online and offline museums; and produce documentaries. Led by Zhang Boju Pan Su Culture Development Foundation.

Commercial Operations

Generate revenues through projects including touring exhibitions, IP authorization, content development, tourism partnerships, and NFT, to maximize Hyper Relic’s reach and influence.