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G+ Accelerator

G+ Accelerator

Content, from "Novelty Entertainment" 

to "Intangible Fast Moving Consumer Goods"

 Straightforward Enjoyment 

 Iconic Moments 

 Low Price 

 Easy Access 

 Social Marketing 

 Genre Matching 

The surge of online streaming and UGC apps like TikTok heavily shifted viewers' interests and habits, causing a turbulent adaptation period for independent producers and big studios alike. Such new market environment spurs changes but also business opportunities, for example, production centers and sound stages being hot in demand as much more genre content is needed to continuously feed viewers.

G+ inspects the promising space where content intersects with culture and community representation, strives for the optimization of resource allocation within the industry, and promotes local visibility via an international scope. We believe that "content" has transcended being just a commodity of entertainment and now exerts powerful influence globally and economically, yet also locally and culturally.

G+ Programs


Dedicated to supporting local cultures and economies, G+ partners with government offices, industry organizations, production hubs, services, academics, and investors internationally to organize a new kind of content accelerator that is genre-oriented, culture-savvy, and packs more fun. The accelerator includes a series of boot camps held each year in various cities across the world to help realize genre projects, and in tandem with the boot camps, genre expos containing trade markets, festivals, and awards to facilitate the full cycle of creative assets while benefiting local tourism. 

G+ Accelerator
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